10 Different Elements of a Home Security System

Home security systems offer excellent peace of mind by offering protection to the inhabitants of the home and personal possessions. To avoid the purchase of home security systems Chicago from becoming a financial headache, you need to know the workings of the different elements of a security system.

Alarm systems come with the following basic elements:-


A hidden control panel –

All security systems come with a hidden control panel. This is the system’s source of power and it can considered as its ‘brain’. This panel is connected to all the other components of the alarm system, which includes the phone line.

A keypad –

The security keypad is standard for all systems and it is specifically designed for arming and disarming. If you have not been able to arm the alarm system properly, the keypad alerts you about the same. Additional keypads may also be installed at an additional expense.

Passive infrared (PIR) detectors or motion detectors –

Motion or PIR detectors utilize sensors to detect the changes in the level of infrared energy. This detection is done in the form of motion or heat. Usually, such detectors are installed over doors and windows, or high up on walls.

Door and window contacts –

These are magnetic devices that are placed along the window frames and door jambs. It triggers an alarm in case anybody tries to forcefully open the doors or windows.

Siren –

Sirens come in the form of strobe light, horns or bells. In case of break-ins, the alarm sets off and the loud noise brings the entire neighborhood’s attention to the intrusion.

Integrated with a 24-hour backup system –

The home security systems Chicago consists of a 24-hour backup system that kicks in during the event of a power cut. In addition, there is a backup system, which is able to prevent the alarm system from using up battery for about 72 hours.

Smoke detector –

In case there is smoke in the house, the smoke detector will send an alert to the central monitoring station. Alarm systems usually come with a separate zone for fire sensors and burglar.

Cutting-edge technology to identify pets –

There are advanced security systems that can identify the difference between a pet and human, weighing up to 100 pounds. The systems come with two sets of beams, which have to be tripped simultaneously; pets cannot trigger both the alarms at the same time.

Security camera –

Security cameras, such as single video camera, monitor or CCTV, can be installed with the security alarm system. By adding security cameras, the alarm system will be able to provide enhanced and all-round protection.

Remote controlled access –

The technologically advanced security systems can be easily integrated with iPhone and Android-based devices to provide remote access to users. Users can disarm or arm the alarm system with just a click and can even keep an eye of what is happening from their mobile devices.

There are different kinds of home security systems Chicago available in the market today. Carefully analyze your need and budget before making a decision.