4 Essential Tips To Secure The House During Your Absence

When installing a home security system in Chicago, you must not ignore the windows of your house. They are crucial areas from where trespassers may sneak in. Henceforth, getting the windows secured is necessary for the part. If you are planning for a vacation, ensure that your house is properly secured and locked to prevent trespassing and unwanted interruption. Unoccupied homes are always a target for burglars. If you are too concerned about your home security Chicago, here are a few tips to ensure best of safety for your residence during your absence.

Setting the timers correctly


A darkened home would always attract the attention of burglars. Say for example, if the lights of your house remain off day and night for a continual period, people of your neighborhood would feel that the house is vacant. Same is true for the trespassers and burglars. Therefore, you must create the necessary illusion to highlight non-vacant status of your house. The best option would be to place timers with different light connectivity of your house. Set them to auto-turn mode at certain intervals to create illusion about continuous inhabitance at your house. To create the illusion that your home is occupied, place timers on a variety of lights throughout your house. You can even put times on the radio or television device. It would help creating better illusions.

Allowing the snow to be your giveaway would be a serious letdown

While you go out on a vacation or business trip during the cold season, always try to hire a professional to shovel the driveway and walkways of your house. Building up of ice and snow within the house surroundings and not getting them cleared for long is a strong indication for the house to be in vacant stage. Similarly, during the summer season, hire a florist or lawn expert to upkeep your backyard and lawn by frequent mowing and regular watering of the plants.

Avoid Social Media At Any Cost


Why do you want to share everything on the social media? It’s never a good idea. Similarly, sharing your vacation status on social media may put your home and underlying belongs at serious risk. Therefore, to ensure best home security Chicago during your vacationing, never share about your trip in social media. Only share information with your closest relatives and friends. Remember, you may well be secretly watched by someone unknown.

Overflowing Mailbox

An overflowing mailbox is a clear indication of vacant house. If your mailbox is filled to brim and is not emptied for quite a few days, it would make the burglars interested about trespassing your house. They would understand that the house is vacant and it’s time for burglary. To prevent the situation, the best option would be to enlist a friend or neighbor to collect the mails on a regular basis. If you don’t find anyone offering such a helping hand, you can easily visit the local post office and request them to stop sending you mail for the period you would be outside.

You must follow these home security Chicago tips while being on a vacation. Although these tips never promise 100% protection against burglary and trespassing, still, they can offer some amount of protective measure to your house at no additional cost involvement.