4 places where you must install security cameras to protect business

For smooth operation of your business, close monitoring is necessary. However it is not possible for anyone to keep eye on the entire office premise at a time. Here comes the security cameras which assist business owners to stay aware of all the activities at their office. The recent studies are indicating that with increasing number of fraudulent activities and theft by employees, use of security systems in Chicago is also increasing among businesses. The other reasons, such as ensuring a safe and secured place for employees and monitoring unknown visitors also, businesses nowadays are being equipped with security cameras. But, to squeeze out all the benefits, cameras should be placed strategically. Here are four such locations which you should consider for installing CCTV cameras.

Main entrances and exits:


Within your business premises, only authorized persons should enter and it can be ensured with security cameras. By installing these cameras at the main entrances and exits, you can ensure who are entering and leaving the office. It will also be easy to check whether the visitors are authorized or not. If the cameras are installed properly, you can take or view footage of visitors. Such footage are highly effective for identification purpose.

The experts dealing with security cameras in Chicago point out some facts that should be considered also for installation. If you install the cameras facing outside, during day time, images of people who will face the camera will be darkened. To avoid this, you can place cameras in such way so that those are not directly affected by light.

The cameras also can act as a deterrent for misbehaves, if you install at least one of those near entrances or at any other easily visible location. By doing this, you can inform people that they are really under surveillance and it also reduces the chances of any crime or any other type of misconducts significantly.

Working areas:


It is another place which should be monitored to check activities of your employees. Apart from keeping eye on work habits of staffs, the business security systems in Chicago are now being used for prevention of workplace bullying and other harassment also. The footage captured by these cameras are often used for investigation if any incident for misconduct is reported. All these facilities help you to provide a better workplace for employees.


Reception is the first place where every visitor and employees step into after entering your organization. Thus, in order to know who are within your office, covering this area too with cameras is necessary. However, in order to maintain aesthetically of the office, you can choose a covert camera as it will easily blend with the office decors.

Store rooms:

Most of the incidents of thefts occur at store rooms and supply areas. Thus, securing these areas is necessary for reducing business loss. The place where important documents are stored, should also be covered with security cameras so that you can know who are accessing those.

Not only interiors, the outdoors also require being monitored continuously. You can take help from experts installing security cameras in Chicago to utilize these cameras properly.