4 Types of Motion Sensors You Can Install to Protect Your Home

Do you want to ensure safety and security for your home? With crime rising in the city, installing a security system inside the interior premises of a home has become a necessity. Gone are the days when people who used security systems at home were a handful of elite. When protection of your property is in question, it is wise to install Chicago security cameras with motion detectors or motion sensors. These high-end cameras are effective as they can detect even the slightest motion in their vicinity. This blog discusses the different types of motion sensors available in the market.


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Motion sensors attached to cameras or alarm systems come in two forms, namely, infrared and ultrasonic. The sensors under both these categories are further divided into passive and active.

What type of detector you want to install in your home depends on your needs and budget. All you have to do is understand how each sensor works and how it can be useful to you. After all, it is about securing your home from the uninvited.

#Passive Infrared Detector

This type of sensor waits for a movement in its coverage area. When a heat source crosses its area, the sensor generates an alarm or an e-mail alert. The human body is the most common moving source of heat. So, whenever the device detects a movement from a warm body, it starts sounding the alarm. What can be a better heat source than you passing by?

#Active Infrared Detector

These sensors attached to Chicago security cameras have an electrical signal using the infrared beam that is connected to a light detector in the device. In the event that the infrared beams are interrupted, the motion detector sounds an alarm.

You must have realized by now how the beams are interrupted suddenly. Yes, it’s you or any other member in your family crossing the area where the beam hits the light or heat detector. But, panic strikes when you realize that no one you know passed the area.

#Passive Ultrasonic Detector

Very similar to a passive infrared detector; the passive ultrasonic detector also waits for something to happen. However, unlike a heat source, it responds to a sound source. Now, you will say that sounds take place everywhere around us. So, will the device sound throughout the day?

#The answer is in the negative.

It will only respond to loud sounds like the shattering of windows or falling of utensils. Now, who shattered the window glass or dropped the utensils is not something the sensor can detect. The culprit may as well be your ten year old playing baseball in the backyard or for that matter you, accidentally dropping utensils from your hand.

#Active Ultrasonic Detector

As the name suggests, these sensors, emit ultrasonic sound waves (inaudible to human ears) and come back to their source. It is only when they experience a hindrance in their path, do they report to the device control, creating an alarm.

Detect motions in your household and watch who is responsible for the alarm with the help of advanced Chicago security cameras. With such intricate security contraption, you can rest assured that your home can deter burglars any time of the day.

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