What are the benefits of using original CCTVs over dummy ones?

CCTVs are used in many residential and commercial buildings of Chicago, for detecting the chances for potential crime and responding quickly if anything happens. Apart from these, there is another purpose behind using these CCTVs-i.e deterring crime. It is observed that the chances of break ins or theft reduces significantly, when the CCTVs are placed at visible locations.

However, some homeowners take this fact too seriously and they rely on the dummy cameras only. In other words, they install some dummy items in such way so those become visible. The homeowners consider that these cameras will be enough to keep thieves away. But, in reality, the expert’s dealing with CCTV in Chicago, state that this trick is not much effective to provide your valuables with adequate security. There are many advantages of high quality CCTVs which you cannot obtain when using the dummy cameras only. Some of these advantages are listed here below. Check these out and know why using original security cameras is more advantageous.

Monitor what is happening on real-time: The greatest benefit of using original CCTVs is, you get the scope to monitor what is happening at your home on real time basis. When you are in a long vacation or require staying away from home for long time, these cameras will help you a lot. Most of the advanced cameras today can be accessed using smart phones. Therefore, whenever want, you can check what is happening within your house. Clearly, such benefits are not available when the dummy cameras are employed only.

Collect evidences: The CCTVs are proved beneficial when it comes to taking legal actions against crime. The CCTVs keep recording videos throughout the day and those a videos are stored in proper way. If any accident or criminal act takes place at your home, the CCTVs record all of those. Even if you fail to take any instant action, the recorded videos will help you a lot to seek legal help later. Having solid proof for the criminal acts occurred at your house will not be possible if you use only dummy cameras.

Gain control over everything: When the CCTVs are installed at home or at your office, you can gain full control over everything. Using CCTVs, you can keep an eye on the kids or aged family members who are left alone at home. The security systems or alarm systems which are integrated with CCTVs, can be used to seek help from emergency services instantly. Similarly, in your office also, installation of original CCTVs can be quite effective. All parts of the office may not be monitored at the the same time. In these situations, the professionals dealing with Chicago CCTV cameras suggest to use CCTVs at the hard to access areas. Presence of cameras near storerooms and other places will help you to monitor employees and prevent theft.

Receiving insurance claims for any accident at your house becomes easier when CCTVs are installed. Even you can get discounts on the premiums and save money when proper cameras are installed.