Chicago Security Cameras – Tips to Optimize Installation

Security cameras are a common sight these days all around Chicago and these have helped in reducing cases of theft, burglary and other crimes. Once seen in the homes of the affluent people and large business entities today these cameras are used in ordinary homes and all commercial establishments. Their ability to capture videos and record them in real time using a DVR is handy for any home owner or business. However to make best use of these cameras you need to strategically install them. In this write-up we shall discuss a few tips that would help you optimize installation of Chicago security cameras.

  • Chicago security cameras Strategic Placement – Walk around your home or office and take note of the areas of interest. Where is the threat likely to strike from? Most people tend to install these cameras on the entry points to their homes and offices. This is ideal but this can also leave out other vulnerable areas which are exploited by the criminals. So assess all the threats that you perceive and strategically place the camera to counter those threats.
  • Multiple Cameras – For full proof security you need to install multiple cameras which insure that the property is completely covered and you can track movements from all angles. For this you need to choose the right mix of fixed dome cameras and PTZ cameras each of which brings some unique features and functionalities to the table.
  • Wiring Does Matter – This is where most tend to go wrong where they run the camera wires along the exterior of their homes. It allows the intruder to the cut the wires easily and this neutralizes the cameras instantly. So you need to wire the cameras from inside the room to prevent such acts. Even if you choose wireless cameras you would need to wire them to a power source and this need to be from inside the property.
  • Lighting Sources – If you are installing ordinary exterior cameras make sure you complement them with adequate lighting. As this would maximize the ability of the camera to shoot sharp images. Never place a powerful light directly opposite to the camera as this will limit their effectiveness.

These tips ensure that you would create a proper security blanket around your home or office. At Stealth Security and Home Theatre Systems we are one of the leading security solutions firms in Chicago and offer high quality products and solutions. Our security experts do an assessment of your security needs and carry out installations in a time bound manner to secure your homes and offices.