How should you Choose your Security Camera System?

So, you want to secure your home for your family members and of course for yourself. Quite a noble thought that is, provided you are well aware of certain things. This blog sheds light on some of the important things to be kept in mind to secure your home.
When choosing a security system, you must pay attention to 2 important aspects. They are as follows.

security camera installation
Electrical Worker splicing wires on security camera


Make an enquiry if the company offers installation services or you have to install the system all on your own.

In case you opt for DIY, you will be sent the equipment and the instructions to install the camera system. Wireless systems generally come with a DIY program and are mostly used by people who have to shift from one place to another. Most people agree that it takes no more than 30 minutes to mount and install a camera system on their own.

In the event that the company provides a team for mounting your camera, you can be rest assured that there will be no mistake. And, if there is any mistake, you will know whom to blame. Jokes apart, with a professionally installed system, you always know that the work will be done perfectly, though you may have to dole out a certain amount of money from your pocket. Unlike in the case of most DIY setups, professionally installed systems can be both wireless or hardwired.

If you are too lazy to mount and install the system all on your own or are busy, you should look for a company, which does the work for you.


Do you know how the system is going to communicate with the monitoring centre? Well, there are primarily 3 types of monitoring systems, landline, cellular and broadband. If you do not have a landline connection, you better opt for a system, which communicates with a cell phone.

Yes, knowing about the monitoring system is important as it will let you know, if anything goes amiss in your absence. Let’s take a look at the following monitoring set-ups.

Cellular –

Your security device will connect with the monitoring centre, with a cellular uplink in the event an alarm is triggered. With a faster connection than landline, the cellular system is also reliable in case the burglar decides to cut the phone lines before entering your home.

Landline –

In this set-up, the system communicates with the monitoring centre, with the help of the telephone connection in your home. Surprisingly, the system does not need to be wired to the telephone. But, still it is pretty dangerous as the telephone does have a wire.

Broadband –

Well, this set-up is better than the landline connection, but not as reliable as its cellular counterpart. However, it is far less costly than a cellular set-up. When the system recognizes an alarm, it sends a signal to the monitoring centre through the broadband connection.

These are some of the things you need to know for successful security camera installation Chicago. Take note of them and watch how adhering to them helps you in the long run.