Common Mistakes Associated with Home Security Systems in Chicago

When it comes to the safety and security of your loved ones you would leave no stone unturned. Home security systems are very popular these days and most people invest on these solutions. Wireless alarms and CCVT systems are no longer a rare sight in the city of Chicago. Sadly these systems tend to remain ineffective due to various reasons thus nullifying the expanses that one insures on them. Let us now discuss some of the common mistakes associated with home security systems in Chicago.

No Threat Assessment
Security systems aren’t mere ornamental gadgets and most people install these systems without any kind of planning and assessment. Their mere presence won’t scare off professional criminals. Even before you invest on these systems you need to do a detailed assessment of the threat and the property where it would be installed. What are the vulnerable areas your property? If you were an intruder how would you enter the property? You need to think like an intruder before installing these counter measures.

Poor Quality Products
Let’s take a case scenario, you have a camera that beams sharp images on the monitor during the day time but needs to be supplemented with external lighting during the night. Criminals would target the lighting source first before coming anywhere near the camera and thus carry out their act with the camera failing to protect your home. When you are installing these gadgets never compromise on their quality and features. They should be able to secure your homes 24/7 and 365 days a year. They should be work in all weather conditions and be able to withstand vandalism.

security systems Chicago No Recording Device
There are many homes that have a camera system but do not have any recording device attached to it. For such a system to be effective you would need a person to monitor the visuals 24/7 which is humanly impossible in a home. This also denies you the chance to record visuals and gather crucial evidence in the event of a breach in security.

Disable Alarms
Security alarms are disabled and this gives a window of opportunity to the criminals to enter your home undetected. There are times when you might want to disable the home alarm system when you are around at home and perceive no threat. But you should religiously enable the alarm even when you are leaving home for a short period of time.

At Stealth Security and Home Theatre Systems we carry out detailed assessment of your security threats and property before planning and installing a comprehensive security system Chicago at your home. We understand your concerns with the cost involved and have priced our products and services very competitively.