Home Security – How Safe are you?

The rate of home burglary has decreased in areas where home security systems Chicago have been installed. As such, it has become more important than ever to have adequate home security Chicago. With the emergence of statistical data, new ideas have emerged that would make you rethink just how safe you are. So, exactly how safe are you?

More Burglaries during the Day

Most people are under the assumption that they simply need to protect their home at night. Interestingly, they believe that their homes are usually safe during the day due to visibility. Unfortunately, that’s not entirely true. In fact, recent data suggests quite the opposite of the mental norm.

According to recent data and statistics, most home burglaries actually occur during the day. In fact, almost 60% of all home burglaries occur during the day; only a measly 40% at night. As such, if you have home security Chicago, you may want to turn on many of the systems during the day as well. If you don’t have one, we believe you should invest in one rather than leave your home unguarded in daylight.

More Forced Entries than Ever

Most would believe that most home robberies are done by professionals who quietly enter your home and steal your personal belongings. According to recent statistics, that is not true. The truth is that most home burglaries occur via forceful entry. As such, you will rarely have the time to call 911. Moreover, the locks that most people have installed are the reason for this statistic.

As such, you should consider electronic access home security systems Chicago for a start. Since entry is via keycard, fingerprint or other similar methods, barging into your home will no longer be an easy task. Moreover, a complete home security Chicago system ensures that even if intruders enter your home, the right authorities will automatically be notified, ensuring nobody runs away with your belongings.

An Alarming Fact about Alarms

Home alarm systems Chicago have become very popular in the last few years. Not only are they affordable, they provide a high degree of protection. In fact, Home alarm systems Chicago significantly reduce the chances of your home being robbed both during the day and night.

According to research data, the average home in America has a 33.33% chance of being robbed. As you can see, you and you’re home and family are not very safe on your own. However, you can change that. The average home, with a certified home alarm system installed, has a mere 0.4% chance of being robbed. Quite a dramatic difference, right?

With home burglars finding new ways into your home, it only makes sense to find new ways to keep them out of it. The easiest way to do so is to have a complete home security Chicago system installed. Complete with security cameras Chicago, home alarm systems Chicago, motion sensors, electronic access and much more, no intruder would dare to step into your home.