Home Security Systems in Chicago –Helping you Protect what Matters

With one home burglary occurring every 13 seconds, we have to ask you, how secure is your home? Did you know that by installing home security systems, Chicago homes become 300% more secure? In any home security system installed in Chicago, CCTV cameras to alarm systems, everything matter. Here is a look at why they matter and the difference they make.

CCTV Cameras

For residents of Chicago, CCTV cameras form an integral part of home security systems. They give you the ability to monitor anything your CCTV cameras see. This not only allows you to monitor suspicious activity and notify the officials, but to catch any burglar in the act. After all, 86% of burglars get away with their theft due to a lack of evidence, such as a video from a security camera.

Motion Sensors

If you live in Chicago, CCTV cameras will drastically reduce your chances of being robbed. Did you know that there are 44 property crimes per 1,000 residents in Chicago? As such, you need to protect yourself and implement preventive measures that will stop a burglar before they even set foot on your property. As such, motion sensors form a major part of home security systems.

When burglars come close, the sensors will be triggered, subsequently triggering the alarm system. Combined with Chicago CCTV cameras, both elements not only help you deter burglars, but catch them on camera. However, these 2 alone are not enough; you need an alarm system as well.

Should I Purchase Alarm Systems in Chicago?

In case your home is broken into, you need to ensure that both your neighbourhood and/or the police are notified. If a burglar enters your premises, your alarm system will trigger, allowing people to come your aid. If they cannot, at least they know that a home is being broken into and they will call the police for you.

More importantly though, research shows that alarm systems deter burglars from robbing your home. Data from the research states that when burglars hear an alarm system trigger, they know there is a high chance they will be caught. As such, they flee your property and do not come back.

Automatic Distress System

In case your home is broken into, you will rarely get the chance or opportunity to call the police, at least until the burglar has run away with your belongings. While alarm systems do well to scare away burglars and protect your entire neighbourhood, they usually do not alert the authorities. As such, you need an automatic distress system.

When the alarms trigger, the system will automatically alert the authorities that your home has been broken into. This ensures that the police arrive in time to protect your family and quite possible catch the burglar red-handed.

Research has shown that most thieves use simple tools to enter your home. Further research shows that burglars are deterred from robbing a home where they have to exert extra effort. As such, complete home security systems help you not only deter burglars, but catch them in case they manage to make away with your belongings.