4 Tips for Buying Home Theater Systems in Chicago

Do you want to make your movie watching experience ethereal? If yes, you might want to consider purchasing a home theater system. A good home theater can mimic and help you bring home the experience of watching movies at a multiplex. Home theater systems Chicago serve different purposes – some are meant for listening to music, while others are for movie viewing. Before purchasing a system, you need to understand its technicalities.


Take a look at the following tips and suggestions that will help you decide on the best home theater model, according to your requirements.

1. Your purpose of buying a home theater

The quality of sound in songs and moves are quite different. This is why you need to decide beforehand the purpose of buying the system. If you are purchasing the system to enrich your movie watching experience, you need to look for systems that feature a central channel, surround speakers and a sub-woofer for low-frequency enhancement track. On the other hand, for listening to music, a system with high quality tower speakers will be great. You can purchase everything in one package or choose to buy them separately. Although, if you are looking for a good money-saving deal, purchasing a system in a package will be the best decision.

2. The size of your room

Home theater systems Chicago come in different sizes. In case your living room is small, a standard receiver and a small subwoofer should suffice your movie viewing or music listening experience. On the other hand, if your room is spacious enough, you can opt for full range speakers, along with an audio amplifier. Team up your system with a cutting-edge LCD, wide-screen TV and feel the sound behind and beside you. You will never have to visit the multiplex again.


3. Number of speakers

For a fulfilling and satisfying cinematic experience at home, it is important to have sufficient number of speakers. High-end home theater systems usually come with 5 speakers, which comprises of central, left and right speakers and 2 surround speakers. To make the right decision, it is advisable to request to hear a demo of the speakers. If your living room has abundant of space, then you can opt for a 7.1 system that comes with 4 surround speakers and left, right and center of the television.

4. Selecting the right television

DVD movies can be watched on any TV, but that is not really the point. It is about amplifying movie viewing with a life-like watching experience and for that, you will need to upgrade your television to a wide-screen HDTV with an aspect ratio of 16:9. Such high-definition televisions are capable of producing sharper and clearer pictures than conventional televisions.

With the rise in demand for home theater systems Chicago, newer and advanced models come with features, such as Dolby and DTS surround format, which supports 6.1 or 7.1 channels. Before finalizing on the model, you need to have a clear budget on mind. Do your due diligence by researching the Internet or asking friends or neighbors, who own a home theater system.