Nine Types of CCTV Cameras you can Choose from

The use of security cameras has greatly increased. As a result, different kinds of Chicago CCTV cameras have become easily available in the market. Hence, it is important for you to choose the right camera suiting your requirements.

You can refer to this blog, if you want to know about the different kinds of CCTV cameras available these days.

What are the Different Kinds of CCTV Cameras?

# Dome cameras –

Dome cameraThese cameras got their name from the dome-shaped housing, in which they are fitted. The design of the housings help the cameras to be inconspicuous and visible at the same time. Such cameras are widely used in retail stores. Some domes can spin fast within the housing. They are commonly known as ‘speed domes’.

# Bullet cameras –

Bullet CCTV cameras can be mounted either on walls or ceilings. They are specially designed for indoor use. Outdoor application of these cameras is rare. They are thin, cylindrical and sleek in shape. Many of them also claim to be waterproof. They do not have zoom, tilt or pan control and record footage from a fixed spot.

# Night vision or infrared cameras –

night vision security camera

This kind of CCTV cameras have the ability to capture images in complete darkness. They use IR LEDs for the purpose. Sometimes, they are meant for mobile applications.

# Discreet cameras –

Discreet or covert cameras come in different disguises. People may mistake them to be smoke detectors or even clocks.

# Outdoor cameras –

Outdoor Chicago CCTV cameras can be placed in the exterior of your house, shop or office. The housing of such cameras protects them from dust, moisture, insects and the like.

# Day and night cameras –

Day and Night security camera

These cameras are mostly meant for outdoor applications. For example, you can fix day and night CCTV cameras in parking lots. The dynamic range of these units is wide and, therefore, they can function in direct sunlight, glare, strong back-light and reflections round the clock.

# Network or IP cameras –

These types of CCTV cameras can be either hardwired or wireless. They transmit images over the Internet. It is easier to install IP cameras, than analog ones. They do not need a separate power boost or cable run to transmit images.

# Wireless cameras –


You can also find CCTV cameras that are wireless, but not IP based. They use other modes for wireless transmission. The benefit you can get from these cameras is the same as IP cameras. They too are easy to install.

# PTZ cameras –

This is the name used for pan, tilt and zoom cameras. They can easily move to the left, right, up or down. The lens can be zoomed farther or closer. Sometimes these functions are controlled by surveillance specialists, who monitor the footage. Other types of PTZ cameras automatically pan, tilt or zoom. They have timers and work according to fixed timings. They are good for the surveillance of wider areas.

These are some kinds of Chicago CCTV cameras. Go ahead and install them to keep your home, shop or office secure.