Protect Your Homes and Offices with CCTV Systems

Ask yourself a simple question, do you need a CCTV system in your home or office? Invariably the answer would come out as a ‘Yes’. Each day you come across numerous incidents where a burglar has broken into a home or there has been a theft in your office and you have no clue about the culprit. CCTV cameras are an excellent addition to existing home or business security system. They add a visual dimension to your entire security system and can easily help you gather evidence when a crime is committed and this plays a vital role in nailing the culprits and also prevents crime.

What Type of Camera You Need?
This would purely depend on your need and the perception of threat to your home or office. At the bottom of the spectrum are cameras which are meant for general surveillance of the property. These cameras are usually directed towards the entry points and capture images/videos within their defined areas. At the higher end are cameras that can capture sharp images even in low lighting conditions even when a high beam of light is focused at them. You can also install cameras that can capture videos in multiple angles depending on your need.

Chicago CCTVDigital Video Recorder
CCTV Systems are incomplete without a quality Digital Video Recorder or DVR as they are popularly called. The videos captured by the cameras need to be stored for monitoring and archiving. The DVR you choose must be able to record in Real Time. They should have multiple channels to record different feeds and should be able to record videos in different resolutions depending on your need.

Chicago CCTVCost Factor    
Before you consider the cost factor let us ask you a simple question. What is the cost of your home/office; lives of your loved ones/co-workers? There is perhaps no ROI in installing these systems in your home or office but the fact is that they let you leave in peace and act as a crime deterrent. Coming to monetary terms Chicago CCTV systems have seen huge cut in costs in the last decade and have become very affordable even for an average person. The cost would depend on the quality and features of the product you choose.

There are a number of firms in Chicago that deal in these products and hence you need to choose your service provider carefully. At Stealth Security and Home Theatre Systems we are one of the leading CCTV Chicago firm and offer you a wide range of choice in terms of products and solutions at competitive prices. We have served hundreds of residential and commercial clients in the past and have made their lives safer.