Security Systems – More than just a Security Benefit

We realize that many people hesitate when it comes to installing a home security Chicago system. After all, you spend money and gain protection, right? Contrary to popular belief, home security systems Chicago offer many more benefits. From lower premiums to greater home value, here is a look at some of the other benefits of home security systems Chicago.

The Need for Home Security Systems Chicago

If you live in a relatively safer neighborhood, you probably think that you are practically free from home burglaries. The truth is that you are not safe but aren’t “as likely” to be robbed. Interestingly though, the burglary rate in America has dipped below the 1000 (per 100,000 citizens) mark.

One of the biggest attributing factors is the increase in home security systems installations – up to 14%. Evidently, the installation of home security systems Chicago is vital. Not only does it protect you but your neighborhood as well.

Lower Premiums

Most of you probably think that you only spend money when purchasing a home security Chicago system. The truth is that you do not spend as much as you believe. In fact, depending on your insurance company and where you live, your home security Chicago system could practically pay for itself. How?

One of the greatest benefits of home security systems Chicago is that you can easily get lower premiums on your insurance; home, car or otherwise. How? When you show your insurance company that you have taken preventive measures, you are less of a ‘risk’ to them. As such, you pay smaller premiums. In fact, the installation of a security system can reduce premiums by as much as 20%. As such, the money you save can be used to pay for the system.


No matter where you live, everyone is scared for their life and property, especially the life of their family, and rightly so. While home security systems Chicago provide protection to your home, they give you confidence. You can confidently leave your home unattended and not worry about a break-in.


While functional security systems of a paramount importance, it helps to have a security system that looks good as well. For example, the installation of aesthetically pleasing security cameras Chicago not only deters intruders, they give your home a futuristic and “high tech” look. If you install low-visibility security cameras Chicago; even better.

Increased Home Value

Finally, one of the biggest benefits of a home security Chicago system is an increase in home value. With increased security measures, your home is safer and thus more attractive. Moreover, by securing your home, you indirectly influence others to secure their home as well. As a result, the value of your neighborhood increases as well, increasing your home’s value in the process.

Evidently, installing a home security system can be one of the best choices you can make. Security systems not only offer you enhanced protection, they offer aesthetics, lower premiums, increased home value and they instill confidence in you and your family. As such, we recommend getting them installed as soon as possible.