Surveillance Cameras Chicago – Ideal for Home and Business Security

Surveillance cameras have been growing in popularity for years, but in recent years, their development has picked up a turbo lift. After helping to identify many suspects in Chicago, the cameras became highly demandable and importantly essential to protect home and assets.

Stealth Security & Home Theatre Systems believe in giving potential customers the best pricing, with no hidden costs. We are renowned for some of the most popular surveillance systems and its installation at quality prices. The Surveillance Camera Chicago is specifically designed to capture incredible image detail in complete darkness via distinctive infrared illumination technology. This optimizes the infrared illumination to ensure maximum image clarity. Additionally, these technologically sophisticated cameras have the power to automatically identity and track exact persons, and the capacity to magnify and make visible even small details and objects at great distance.

security systems chicago There are many types of Chicago home security systems available to you today and they can be as complex or as simple as your budget allows. They not merely work differently but also serve different purposes.

Dome Camera – Designed as a part of the indoor system, this indoor camera is quite useful in ensuring homes and offices security. High frequency and zooming features enable users to get every detail of video analytic.

Bullet Camera – Ensure safety of your home and valuables installing bullet cameras. This type of camera offers great clarity and comes with astonishing automatic controls. Quality bullet cameras are weatherproof and records clear picture both in daylight and in the darkness of night. This camera is perfect for outdoor surveillance of public and private property.

Speed Dome Camera – This type of security camera records peculiar clear video and also is capable of capturing high quality images. They are affordable and easy to install. Additionally, it comes with flexibility to adjust backup memory system during a power failure.

Box Camera – The very popular box cameras come in vivid colors and impreshome security systems chicagosive features including lens replacement, zoom in and more features. This camera is truly a great choice for most of people who are in search of high quality security camera for their home and office.

The market of security cameras types has never been more thrilling, as new models are being branded and introduced on a regular basis. Some of the popular models of surveillance cameras Chicago include 4 cameras DVR, 8 cameras DVR system, 16 cameras DVR (16 Channels), LIT90E, LICG36, LIRDC and more. These models of cameras are truly helpful in getting the surveillance job done effectively and efficiently.