River Grove,IL

I recently purchased a 4 channel hd camera system from getstealth.com. I shopped around and most companies didnt want to install it because it was a tuff one. Andre and His assisatant were great in finding ways to run and conceal all the wires. Needless to say the job was perfect and the picture quality


Lake In The Hills

I own a excavating business in Mchenry county and we just installed a security system in our new office and a high def camera system in our remote location for our trucks. The security system is excellent and very easy to use. The security camera system is the clearest camera system Ive ever seen! We


Norridge, IL

2-15-14 I purchased 6 high def Cameras from Stealth and the picture quality is fantastic. My wife and I travel a lot and we are able to view the cameras on our Iphone and Ipad. The installation was clean and the technician was excellent. I shopped this out and for the money this company was

Keith S

Crystal Lake, IL

There have been quite a few instances of burglaries around my block but thankfully I’ve found a good option to be at peace. I was very pleased with the high definition security cameras and the high tech alarm system recommended by Chris, the sales manager at www.getstealth.com. As soon as I started using my security

Erin K

Chicago, IL

I have to admit, I felt a little uncomfortable leaving my home especially after the surprise intruder’s visit last month. I was looking for a convenient home security solution and then I found Michele working at the Customer Service Department. She answered all my questions promptly and patiently and I cannot describe how assuring her

Bruce B

Roselle, IL

Recently I had to install security cameras and alarm system for my storage facility and believe me, these products work for real. Not having these a system really bothered me. The robbers today are more proficient in their skills than ever before. Obviously I wanted a security system that actually worked because my storage facility


Cary, IL

Finding the right security products for your business is never easy. Being in the business of portable power equipment, I don’t know jack about all the latest gadgets in the market. But the IT specialist at www.getstealth.com helped us with the research for the security system we have been looking for. We needed something that

Kevin H

Roselle, IL

First recommendation from a friend of mine who owns a business was to get an efficient inside and out security cameras. I started my research and then I met Andre, the Operations Manager at www.getstealth.com. I told him what I’m looking for. I was really bothered because I felt It was time to act. Front

Louis P

Lake in the Hills, IL

I wanted a high definition security cameras that doesn’t remain in one position and guess what; Patrick (an amazing technician at www.getstealth.com) helped me find the most efficient pan tilt zoom product that can be controlled by a joystick. I would highly recommend this piece of hardware and believe me, there’s absolutely no need to


Chicago, IL

We recently switched our alarm system and Patrick, the technician at www.getstealth.com provided much needed help to complete the installation and get the alarm system running in minutes. And we never felt the need to read the instruction manual, not even once. Interestingly, we never expected to find an alarm system that has amazing features,