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Great security camera, peace of mind, definitely best product for the price

Erin K

Chicago, IL

I have to admit, I felt a little uncomfortable leaving my home especially after the surprise intruder’s visit last month. I was looking for a convenient home security solution and then I found Michele working at the Customer Service Department. She answered all my questions promptly and patiently and I cannot describe how assuring her suggestions sounded.
I wanted something basic that would give me peace of mind when I’m not home. Now, with the high definition home security cameras installed, any ill-willed intruder will have a tough time entering my place. Though the manual that came with the package was a bit intimidating, Michele was a life saver in the truest of sense. I’m pretty confident that even if there is any problem in future, I can expect great and more importantly prompt customer service.
Erin K. on Oct 21, 2013
Chicago, IL