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Massive “real” protection for my storage facility, listen intruders … security cam is watching you!

Bruce B

Roselle, IL

Recently I had to install security cameras and alarm system for my storage facility and believe me, these products work for real. Not having these a system really bothered me. The robbers today are more proficient in their skills than ever before. Obviously I wanted a security system that actually worked because my storage facility containing a major chunk of my company’s total inventory is my most valuable asset. I asked Justin (the technician who helped me with the installation) “will these products protect my company’s valuables?”  And he told me how exactly. I must say he convinced me well.
The pictures displayed by security cameras are amazing and this product is ideal if you want to protect those large enclosures. Also, once the alarm system was in place and set, it was running efficiently in no time. Great job www.getstealth.com! Your products are well worth the price.
Bruce B. on Oct 1, 2013
Roselle, IL