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Easy setup and use, great value for money!

Louis P

Lake in the Hills, IL

I wanted a high definition security cameras that doesn’t remain in one position and guess what; Patrick (an amazing technician at www.getstealth.com) helped me find the most efficient pan tilt zoom product that can be controlled by a joystick. I would highly recommend this piece of hardware and believe me, there’s absolutely no need to waste your money on those high dollar brand cams. This camera does everything and gives me the fastest and most efficient service. Now I can easily point and zoom at a scene and the picture is perfectly clear.
I have the high definition cameras mounted on my home and the image quality is simply impressive. If I ever need to buy another security product, www.getstealth.com will be my choice because the products are great and are worth way more than their price.
Louis P. on Sep 2, 2013
Lake in the Hills, IL