4 things to check for evaluating security system of your home in Chicago

When it is about home security, you should stay updated about all the risks to it and the best way to ensure this is, evaluating the existing security system continuously. Here are some of the things which must be included for evaluating the home security systems in Chicago. Go through these and know whether the system installed at your home is up to date or not.

Install smart lights:


The chances of burglary and intrusion increases significantly if your house is not lighted properly. For better security, make sure each and every part of the building is illuminated properly. If required, add extra lights to reduce risks.

Illuminating your house and warding off the burglars has now become easier due to emergence of smart lights. These smart lights can be scheduled according to your need. When you are not at home for long time, these smart lights will give it an appearance such as anyone is living. Thus, the chances of intrusion will reduce to great extent. Recently, the Chicago home security systems are being available with smart lights which can be paired with motion detectors also, i.e., on detecting any motion, lights will be on.

Monitored alarm system:


It should be ensured that your home is protected during any emergency situation. It can be accomplished by having a 24 hour monitoring system in place. These systems send real time alerts to the selected recipients in emergency cases. You can take help from any monitoring center too, for keeping eye on the house. These monitoring centers help you to take action in different emergency situations such as – break ins, fire and environmental hazards.

Detecting environmental hazards:

The modern security systems not only offer protection against criminals, but these also secure your house from environmental hazards too. These latest home security systems in Chicago often come with different add-ons. In most cases, the security systems include, carbon monoxide detectors, detectors for leaking pipes, temperature sensor as well as smoke detectors. All these together will mitigate the chances of any damage for your house.

Video surveillance system:


The surveillance cameras, if placed strategically, help homeowners to monitor their properties and keep intruders away from home. You should evaluate whether the cameras, which are already installed, are functioning properly or not. You also need to check if there is any place which can be used for intrusion but still not being monitored by surveillance cameras. While installing new cameras, pay special attention to the places like staircases, Windows, garages, front and back doors. The latest security cameras facilitate you to monitor the house 24 hours in a day using any web enabled device. If you are still using old-fashioned security cameras, upgrade those to the more advanced version for better security.

Doors are the most commonly used entries for burglars. Thus, while evaluating the security system of your house, you should give special focus on it. You can start using the Chicago home security systems with smart locks for securing the house more effectively.