Burglaries are common crime in states, and ensuring that your alarm system is working must be in your top priorities. Nevertheless, just installing an alarm system is not enough; you need to continuous check it whether it is working properly or not. Many people installed alarm systems years ago, but they don’t upgrade it as a decade old alarm system may not offer full protection against technical burglars. Here are five signs mentioned that give you hints when to replace your hackneyed alarm system.

1. Your alarm system uses landlines

Old alarm systems use the land lines to connect to the cops. If your system still using that system, you are in dire need to upgrade it immediately. The new home alarm systems in Chicago use a different way of communication that is more secure and safe. If the burglar is a technological buff, he or she can cut lines of phone lines that can be easily found in Internet.

2. Alarm system uses a single keypad

Most of the old alarm systems use a single keypad, which can be easily destroyed and disable the system. Most of the keypads are located next to the door, so if the keypad is disabled, the system can’t send any signal to the authorities. Most of the burglars are aware of the keypads and destroy that. The modern alarm systems come with a remote control that is connected to a keychain, which is much secured than the old one.

3. Old system have wired sensor

The old wired sensors on doors and windows have a potential safety threat because burglars can cut these sensors or disable them because old sensors are quite visible. If you still have those wired sensors, you should upgrade it where sensors are not visible and can’t be disabled easily.

4. Old software and hardware

The modern alarm systems have the latest hardware and software so that you can keep ahead of criminals. These days, criminals are far more technical and advance and enriched by Internet, so there is no scope of vulnerability and keep updating your old software and hardware. Most modern security alarm system companies are updated with the latest hardware and software, or you can update from internet in a regular interval. This makes your home more full-proof and able to circumvent the security system in your home.

5. Low resolution security cameras

Almost all old security cameras have low resolution, which is detrimental to your security. With high storage capacity the new cameras can capture thousands of hours of high-resolution video and be stored easily in the hard drive. The foremost advantage of the high-resolution cameras is you will get very clear picture, also you can see the details when the burglar exited your home and even see the license plate number of the car, depending on the location of your camera installed.

To safeguard your house, you need secure alarm system and security cameras with cutting edge technology. Don’t thing alarm or security systems as a general is a luxury, but it is a need of time and you need to pick the right tool to protect your home and loved ones.