What are the Two Types of Wireless Camera Systems?

How many times have you thought of upgrading to wireless surveillance system? Must be several times. Wireless security camera systems Chicago are easy to handle and do not grab unnecessary attention. Whether at home or at office, these cameras can give you, your family members and your property the protection you desire.

This of course does not mean that there will be no wires attached to them, but the number of cables will be very few. Wireless surveillance deals in two different types of systems. They are Point-to-point Wireless and Wi-Fi cameras.


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Point-to-point Wireless

In order that you want to install many cameras over a single network in a particularly large area, the point-to-point wireless system is what you should install. They are very good, if you are looking for specialized features in the cameras. The devices are linked with wireless antennas in this system. As a result, it can convert an IP system into a wireless system.

The powerful antennas can connect with a system over a large distance provided the system is within their line of sight. They are effective in conducting surveillance in large residential campuses, schools, colleges, retail outlets and their garages, shopping malls and other extended areas. The cameras run on power and not on batteries. So, if you are getting ready to charge the camera’s battery, forget about it.

Wi-Fi Cameras

If you have a small business or want to install security camera systems Chicago in your house, the Wi-Fi cameras can be a good option. The most interesting thing about these cameras is that they are small and easy to carry.

Have you ever wondered what it would be to infest your property with these cameras? Well, your network is either going to crash or the cameras are going to stop working. It is thus, an intelligent act to keep less number of these cameras in a network. The cameras generally come with basic and specialized features. Therefore, you only have to name it and the camera with its features will be right there at your doorstep.

They are available in both battery and power operated models. Whenever, the cameras lose their battery life, they start giving signals. You can then plug in the cameras for charging. In the event that you ignore the signals, you know what can happen. No, I am not saying that you can expect burglars in the midnight, but the camera will simply refuse to work, even if the burglar cleans your home or office off the smallest item.

In the event that you buy cameras that run on power, you can be rest assured that unless there is a power-cut in your area, the cameras are going to work as good as ever. In fact, with your inverter connected to the cameras, you can also avail their services in case of load-shedding.

So, assess your needs and decide which security camera systems Chicago you want to buy for your premises. Use them and experience complete peace of mind.

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