The Different Types of Security Camera Systems in Chicago

We live in a crime infested society. If you take a look at the stats you would realize that the crime graph is on the rise in a city like Chicago. You would read about incidents of burglary and shooting almost every day. Your home and office is prone to such kinds of incidents and thus you need to invest on a security system to keep your loved ones and co-workers from harm’s way. Security camera systems are widely used as a mechanism to prevent crime. These days’ security camera systems in Chicago have become common in homes and offices. At Stealth Security and Home Theatre Systems we understand your concerns with security and deal in high quality products that meet your needs and are well within your budget. But before you invest on such a system you need to know a bit more about the different types of security cameras available in the market.

Residential Exterior Camera
These are most widely used at homes ideally in all the entry points. Their relative lower cost and ability to capture and beam videos in real-time makes them prefect choice for home owners. These cameras can easily be installed in the different entry points at your home. These cameras are waterproof and can withstand various kinds of weather conditions. Modern cameras come with improved S/N ratio can easily capture sharp and noiseless images even in poorly lit conditions. These also come with masking feature that cancels the high beam of vehicles and can even display the license place of a vehicle located at a distance.

chicago home security systemsExterior Commercial Cameras
These cameras are made for offices and other commercial establishments and can capture sharp videos in all weather conditions. They can withstand all kinds of vandalism even when hit with heavy and pointed objects. They can easily capture images in the range of 60 to 80 feet which and thus are ideal for installation at the different entry points of the office or retail stores. They have Smart IR technology that clear images at night and also overcomes the blinding effect as was common with previous generation of exterior cameras. The 3D noise reduction feature allows you to identify faces even at a distance.

Interior Cameras       
These are mostly used in retail stores, financial institutions and other businesses and captures high quality images in all kinds of lighting conditions. They can adjust between well-lit and poorly lit areas within a room. When buying interior dome cameras you must insist on devices which have a 3-Axis Construction as they can easily be rotated and adjusted horizontally or vertically to cover the space you need.

Security Camera Systems act as a deterrent for the criminals and hence you should never compromise on their quality.