3 Essential Vacation Safety Tips for the greater home security

Isn’t it difficult to remain away from the house for long enough without worrying about the security of the place? I do, and definitely most of you also. I always take the necessary precautions before going out for an extended vacation. This helps in retaining the perfect peace of mind while safeguarding the property. Here are 3 essential ways to improve the security of your home while you enjoy an extended vacation time.


1. Asking the friendly neighbor to keep an eye on your home

OK, you have the necessary home security Chicago system installed. But it’s of no harm if you request your friendly neighbor to just keep an eye on your house during your absence. It’s only a request you can do. If you share a strong positive relationship with them, be rest assured that your property will be in the safest hands. I personally have tried this option to my own benefits. You can install a home automation system to make your property appear occupied all the time. You can also install climate control security gadgets for a smarter environment while you and other members of your family are not present. Get real time alerts and operate remotely the security monitoring system.

2. It could be too risk posting your vacation plans on the social media

I don’t understand why you try to inform your followers about each and every activity of your personal life. Many of you have a tendency to post their vacation plans in the social media platforms. It can be too risky and may challenge your property security. My house is well equipped with high-end home security Chicago system. Yet, I always prefer posting my vacation details after returning from it. While being in vacation, I never post the daily activity and sightseeing photos. So my friends please refrain yourself from updating the status during the vacation time. Get back to home and then notify your sweet followers about the vacation while sharing images of the fun moments.

3. Installing digital keypads

Many of you have a tendency to hide the spare keys somewhere in the exterior of your property. I also do so, but only when I am in the town. While going out on a vacation, I always remove the spare keys from the regular external location. How about installing digital keypads? Once I installed it, I have no worrying about the additional keys. Also, digital keypads are part of door lock and alarm systems that safeguard the property while notifying the local security officials in case of any interrupted situation.

Installing a modern and feature oriented home security Chicago system definitely promises safeguarding your property during your absence. You cannot expect your neighbor to continuously have an eye on your property. But the security device will work 24/7. It will monitor and record every activity. In case of trespassing or intruder attack, it will sound the alarm to notify the nearest security officials and neighborhood.