4 Signs That Indicate Your Security Cameras Are Outdated

Security cameras are a common sight in most business establishments in Chicago. Homeowners in the city are not far behind as most of them have invested on this technology to keep their homes safe. If you had installed security cameras in Chicago a few years back, there are chances that you are using an outdated technology. Here are four signs that indicate you are using an dated technology and need to adopt the latest in the market.

1. Unrecognizable Faces
Yes most traditional security cameras suffer from this problem. They at the most offer you a hazy picture of the subject. This problem is compounded in low lighting conditions during the night or when the subject is standing at a distance from the camera. While such camera systems can be useful when you are constantly monitoring who is at the door. But in case of a burglary it doesn’t leave behind much evidence for the law enforcement agencies to pinpoint on the culprit. Modern HD cameras are high on the clarity factor and capture recognizable faces even in low lighting conditions.

2. No Remote Access
security cameras systemsInstalling security cameras isn’t enough, you need to constantly monitor the feed from these cameras. Modern security cameras systems allow you access the feed on your smartphones and tablets remotely using the Internet. This technology has improved the effectiveness of the camera system as you can keep track of your home and office security in real-time from anywhere in the world. If your security camera system lacks this feature you are missing out on a number of advantages. This feature can increase productivity for businesses as you would be able to keep track of your employees, flow of customers and even the parking space from anywhere.

3. Reviewing Time
Most analog camera systems would require you to download the recorded feed into the client system before you could review it. In simple terms it takes a lot of time to review the feed. While it was good for its day, the fact is this technology is obsolete. Digital camera system offer instant access to the recorded feed anytime and anywhere making your life easy. You need to immediately switch to this new technology to get the best out of your system.

4. Maintenance Service Issue
Your security camera systems need regular maintenance much like all other electronic equipment that you are using at homes and offices. These are usually covered under Service Maintenance Agreement and every year you need to incur certain expanses towards it. With time this cost tends to increase and makes little economic sense to pay more for a technology that offers you less security. In such cases it would be wise to invest on the latest technology and get the best value for money.