Home Theater Systems – How To Improve The Listening Experience

Want to experience cinema-like effect while being at the comfort of the home? Well, for this to happen, the right setup is necessary. A television set with large screen (minimum 102 cm) is necessary for the part. Look for the right kind of home theater systems in Chicago that produces true Dolby Digital effect. Yes, the television set needs to be connected to the home theater system for an immersive sound experience. In most scenarios, the home theater systems comprises of 5 smaller speaker boxes and 1 sub-woofer. These 5 boxes need to be placed strategically. Call a technician to get them placed in different areas of the room to experience true Dolby sound.


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Staying Away from the Wall

Although sounds strange, but the best sound effects can be experienced if the speakers are kept away from the corner of a room or near the wall. Placing them towards the corner or close to the wall would reinforce mid to low frequencies. As a result, the sound explosions would be way too loud at times and dialogues very difficult to understand. Always place the speakers at least 2-3 feet away from the walls. Most of the home theater systems in Chicago are installed that way for ultimate hearing experience.

Using Rugs to Prevent Echo

Most of the modern day houses and apartments feature wooden or tiled floors. After all, they are easy to maintain and looks really awesome. But these hard surfaces have the tendency to bounce back the high frequencies that would make the listening experience louder than expected. Another thing; the bounced frequencies does arrive fraction of seconds after when compared to those ones that are headed straight towards the ears from the speaker devices. What this does is creating a slight echoing effect which makes it difficult to understand the dialogues properly. This is why a rug is recommended to be placed in the floors where the speakers are placed. It would prevent the echoing effect, thus offering a clear and crisper sound experience.

The Correct Placement of Home theater System

#Center Channel

The center channel should be placed directly in front you, either centered above or just below the display unit. The height would be best if positioned closest to the ear-level; however, display should not be blocked. The tweeter needs to be exact to the ear level.

#Front Right and Left Speakers

The speakers need to be around 22-30 degrees off the center your listening position. However, this rule may not be the only option to follow. If you don’t have wider room space, the placement can be 17 degrees off-center also. Remember, the height of speaker tweeter needs to be at ear level for optimum sound experience.

#Surround Speakers

These speakers need to be placed 90-110 degrees off the center. They should be kept just a little bit behind the sitting position or to the side. And remember, the tweeter needs to be 2-3 feet above your ear level.

Home theater systems in Chicago are available widely from the electronic stores. They are available in 3.1, 4.1, 5.1, and 7.1 formats. It all depends upon the type of apartment you live in that would decide which type of speaker system would best fit the environment.

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